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Irrigation Company, Barrie, ON

If you’re looking for an irrigation company to help with setting up or maintaining a system on your property in the Barrie area, give us a call at Sprinkler King.

When you’re trying to keep your landscaping healthy and lush, the process requires several important steps. Grass, plants, flowers, and trees require plenty of water, sunlight, and care to stay healthy. It becomes even more challenging to care for your landscaping when you have a large property with a lot of trees and plants, but with the right irrigation system, you don’t have to spend as much time out in the yard. If you’re looking for an irrigation company to help with setting up or maintaining a system on your property in the Barrie, Ontario area, give us a call at Sprinkler King.

Our irrigation company has extensive experience with installation, repairs, and maintenance of irrigation systems for both commercial and residential property owners. When we set up a new irrigation system, we start by assessing the needs of the property and determining how many sprinklers to place, based on the landscaping. Our goal is to help each of our customers achieve beautiful lawns on their properties, and relying on us to handle the installation and maintenance of your irrigation system will eliminate human error, which is a common cause for a decline in plant health.

A Lawn Your Neighbours will Envy!

Key Reasons to Work with an Irrigation Company

At Sprinkler King, we understand the desire to have a Barrie, Ontario home that you are proud of, and our irrigation company is proud to be a part of making the outdoors everything you imagine it can be. We get several requests to install, replace, or upgrade an irrigation system because there are so many benefits that can be experienced. Here are a few key reasons to work with an irrigation company.

  • Appearance- How your landscaping looks is important. You want your neighbours to know that you care about the community, and it wouldn’t do to be the eyesore of the neighbourhood.
  • Conserve Water- It might surprise you how much water can be wasted by watering your landscaping with hoses and other ineffective methods. Our irrigation company can show you how to maximize the benefits of the water you give the landscaping so that you can use as little water as possible.
  • Preserve Landscaping- Let’s face it – sod, landscaping plants, flowers, shrubs, and trees are far from cheap! Protect your investment by giving everything the amount of water it needs to not just survive, but thrive.
  • Sustainable Quality- You could actually spend a lot more on so-called bargain irrigation methods when you factor in the short lifespan that these products often provide. Our irrigation company can install a system that gives you years of performance with only affordable maintenance and repairs from time to time.
  • Value- When you put in the investment to not only create a beautiful landscape, but also keep it looking great, you create a curb appeal for your home that adds value. It can become the focal point that gets potential buyers willing to schedule a tour after they have driven by the property.

When you trust our irrigation company to handle the hydration of your outdoor property, you don’t have to worry about any step of the process. We’ll take care of the job and ensure that the lawn and other plants in your yard are watered evenly and properly, making it easy to keep full, lush landscaping that looks great throughout the year.

At Sprinkler King, our irrigation company proudly serves Wasaga Beach, Collingwood, Barrie, Muskoka, Stayner, Midland, Angus, Orillia, Alliston, Thornbury, Simcoe County, and Southern Georgian Bay, Ontario.


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