Let Us Work on Your Sprinkler System!

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We’re Your Sprinkler Experts!

We’re a local, family-run sprinkler repair and installation company here in the GTA. With over 20 years of experience working with sprinklers, we know exactly what it takes to get your sprinkler system up and running like it should. Contact us today!

Let Us Work on Your Sprinkler System!

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Here’s why you should choose our sprinkler company:

  • We can work on any irrigation system throughout your property.
  • We also do landscape lighting, so you can bring your yard to light.
  • We’re experts when it comes to sprinklers.

“We recently had an in-ground sprinkler system installed at our house. Gord and his team were great. They were punctual, friendly and worked so hard to get the job done. They ensured our yard looked just the way they found it when the installation was done. Gord took all the time I needed to explain how the system operates. We have had the sprinklers running for about two weeks now and our grass hasn’t looked this good in ten years! Thank you, Sprinkler King! Highly recommend this local business.”

–Liz N.

We are 100& family owned and operated, and we never subcontract out our work. If you hire us, you get us! Contact us today to get help with your sprinklers.

Sprinkler King is proud to be 100% family owned and operated. We do not ever sub-contract out our work so if you hire us, you get us!