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LED LightsLED (light emitting diode) lights have begun to receive quite the buzz over the past decade because of their many advantages when compared to other types of lightbulbs.  Not only are they used for household lighting; they are also used in vehicles, holiday lights, flashlights, commercial properties, and much more.  At Sprinkler King, we have years of experience installing outdoor lighting, and we use LED lights for a handful of important reasons.

  1. Long-lasting– LED lights have an impressive life. Even with fairly continuous use, a single bulb can last up to 20 years. This long life requires little to no maintenance and rare replacement.  Even though the bulbs may be more expensive upfront, the infrequent replacement causes them to be cheaper in the long run.
  2. Energy-efficient– The amount of energy that LED lights use is significantly lower than traditional light bulbs, which lowers the amount you will spend on the lighting portion of your power bill.
  3. Green– When it comes to the environment, LED lights are greener than traditional lighting.  Not only do they use less power, but they are also free from many of the harmful chemicals that other lights contain.

When you use LED lights for your outdoor lighting, you can be sure you are making the right choice.  And by relying on our team at Sprinkler King for your outdoor lighting, you can know that you are getting the best.  With our years of experience, you are getting the best service, the best products, and the best prices, so call us today to get started on your next outdoor lighting project.

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