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Outdoor LightingHaving outdoor lighting is not an absolute necessity, but when you consider all of the advantages to having it, it almost seems silly not to.  At Sprinkler King, we install outdoor lighting for decks, paths, and even landscapes, and there are pros to each type of lighting that we provide.

  • Path lighting:  Imagine you’re coming home after dark from a shopping trip and you’re walking up to your front door.  You have your arms full of bags, and you trip because you didn’t see the toys that your kids left out.  Bags go flying, things get scraped, and it’s just not a good experience.  Or even worse, you invite company over, and they trip on something while trying to navigate the dark pathway to your door.  Having a lit path benefits everyone involved.
  • Deck lighting: What good is having a deck if you can only use it half of the time, during daylight?  Install outdoor lighting on your deck, and the possibilities for use of the space are endless.
  • Landscape lighting:  You put all of that time and effort into having nice landscaping, and it can’t even be enjoyed half of the time.  At Sprinkler King, we can install backlighting, silhouetting, and cross-lighting to all of your landscape features, and then they can be enjoyed and appreciated around the clock.

If your outdoor space lacks lighting and you find these options appealing, give us a call today to set up an installation. We are certain that you won’t regret it!

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