Sprinkler King > Blog > Gloomy Nights? Add Exterior Lighting for a Safe and Attractive Effect

Exterior LightingThere is just something unsettling about coming home after sunset to a dark and gloomy property. While your childhood fears of monsters in the dark may be behind you, you still are not comfortable with those moonless, gloomy nights. Not only is it unwelcoming, but it can be a bit hazardous too, especially if your kids are pretty good about leaving things lying on the pathways and scattered throughout the yard.

Fortunately, this problem is pretty easy to rectify. By adding exterior lighting, your home will not only feel welcoming, but it will be safer for you, your family, and guests who come to your home. Exterior lighting can also be used to showcase your landscaping, adding charm and luxury to your home and improving its curb appeal. This can be a great selling point when you are getting ready to sell your home as many buyers like to drive by a property they are considering at night to better assess the neighbourhood.

Exterior lighting also serves one more purpose – increased security. Criminals are not a fan of well-lit spaces and thus prefer to target gloomy places where they can proceed without being easily detected. While there may not be a furry monster with razor sharp teeth lurking in the bushes next to your darkened front door, the reality may be even more to fear.

If your home is nicely lit for the holidays, but gloomy the rest of the year, give us a call at Sprinkler King and we’ll transform your home’s exterior with beautiful lighting. We are the king of making lawns and gardens beautiful in Muskoka, Barrie, GTA, Wasaga Beach and the Southern Georgian Bay area!

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