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Irrigation ContractorWho doesn’t love traipsing along barefoot on a beautiful lush lawn inhaling the beautiful floral fragrances on a delightful summer day? If the only time you spend with your lawn and garden is spent maintaining it, you may not have the chance to stop and smell the roses as much as you would like. It can be a constant battle to figure out an effective watering schedule that will give you the lush results you desire.

That is how an irrigation contractor from our team at Sprinkler King can help. They have the expertise to set up a system that waters your lawn and gardens perfectly, which not only affords them the best chance at looking beautiful, but does it with the least amount of water waste possible. By having an automated system installed by a professional irrigation contractor from our team, you’ll save time, money, and water. If you live in an area with water restrictions, it is an added benefit to not have to worry about watering at the wrong time.

Not only can an irrigation contractor from our team install a professional system, but they can also help you maintain it. Various factors can throw your system off, such as careless lawn service personnel or a power fluctuation, so regular maintenance can make sure your system is operating at peak performance at all times.

For a lush lawn and garden that your neighbours will envy, call us at Sprinkler King for help. We are the king of making lawns and gardens beautiful in Muskoka, Barrie, GTA, Wasaga Beach and the Southern Georgian Bay area!

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