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Water Sprinklers, Collingwood, ON

Conveniently water your lawn with a reliable system of sprinklers.

Water Sprinklers in Collingwood Beach, Ontario
Watering your lawn at the wrong time and watering your lawn too much are both issues that can result in a less-than-optimal yard. Striking the balance of just enough water but not too much is hard without a functioning system of water sprinklers that gives your lawn just enough moisture to thrive.

Our team here at Sprinkler King takes the guesswork out of water sprinklers, and our systems offer features that will take care of your landscaping like clockwork. When we install water sprinklers in your yard, we’ll set up programmable features that let you water your landscaping advantageously while avoiding water restriction violations here in Collingwood, Ontario. You’ll also prevent wasteful runoff and rot from overwatering and know you did your best to conserve water.

On top of programmable features, we can also equip your water sprinklers with a rain sensor. With this added feature, your sprinklers won’t turn on when there has been sufficient rain to water your lawn. When things dry out again, they’ll return back to their normal watering scheduling. This great feature stops you from worrying about the weather forecast and lets your lawn benefit from the moisture rainwater brings at the same time.

All our water sprinklers are heavy duty and designed to last season after season. If your lawn doesn’t currently have a sprinkler system or you’re not happy with the one you have right now, call us! We’re ready and waiting to help you revive your lawn in Collingwood with the perfect watering solution.

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