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Water Sprinklers, Muskoka, ON

We utilize commercial-grade water sprinklers for our professional irrigation systems.

Water Sprinklers in Muskoka, Ontario

If you have struggled with purchasing water sprinklers every year because they just don’t last or you are simply tired of dealing with a manual watering system for your lawn and landscaping, the best idea is to contact us at Sprinkler King. We utilize commercial-grade water sprinklers when setting up irrigation systems for homes in the Muskoka, Ontario area so you can enjoy many years of reliable and accurate watering performance with minimal effort on your part.

The key to installing water sprinklers is in the planning. By setting up zones around your yard, we make certain that every area gets the appropriate amount of water on a schedule that fits your landscaping needs and adheres to local water restriction regulations. For example, areas that get more sun will have different water demands than areas in the shade. If you were to water them all the same, you could end up with dry, dead grass in one area and diseases, fungus, rot, and other problems related to overwatering in others. By properly locating and programing your water sprinklers, these types of problems are eliminated.

Our services go beyond installing irrigation systems with high-quality water sprinklers. We also provide sprinkler maintenance and repairs, in addition to keeping a variety of sprinkler parts in stock to resolve problems in a timely manner. In a nutshell, we’re going to be there for you in the years ahead to be sure your water sprinklers continue to perform well for you. Contact us today with any questions you might have or to schedule an appointment for service.

At Sprinkler King, we offer services for water sprinklers in Wasaga BeachCollingwoodBarrie, Muskoka, Stayner, Midland, Angus, Orillia, Alliston, Thornbury, Simcoe County, and Southern Georgian Bay, Ontario.


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